Review by Helene, Westchester, NY

“I first discovered Leanne by “googling”, at a time when I was looking for a guided visit of Coney Island and Little Odessa. I saw her street pictures of New York City and was immediately amazed by the sensibility and the quality. We did a photo tour together, walking from Coney Island to Little Odessa. It was an amazing experience for me to be able to let go, just shoot people on the street, without feeling ashamed or embarrased. Leanne gives great advises, she has the artist eye and sensibility. It’s all about feelings and senses. Leanne teaches you to take the time, no rush, just enjoy the moment on the street. I had one of my greatest day after 4 years living in New York. A totally different experience. I am looking forward to tour Harlem with Leanne again!” -Helene, Westchester, NY

El Barrio stoop