Review by Mel, Switzerland

“Walking through the NYC streets with Leanne is a pleasure and never gets boring. She brings you to the places you wouldn’t find out by yourself. She can tell you interesting stories and can give valuable information about neighborhoods. Meanwhile I did my 3rd photo tour with Leanne. This time we went to Bushwick and Williamsburg. Bushwick was something different. We focused here on the street art walls which Bushwick is famous for. Leanne is such a talented and artistic person with a sense for details. Doesnt matter if its people, special situations or the drawings on the walls. She does everything with passion. And she is open minded. Just tell her what you intend to do and see and she will work something out and bring in own good ideas.

So, again it was a great day which I really enjoyed. Thanks for that further trip, Leanne!” – Mel, Switzerland