Review by Andrea, St. Andrews, UK

“I went visiting “off the beaten track”areas of New York with Leanne (a bona fife NYC tour guide) and Steve. We headed first to Grand Central Station and took the subway to Chinatown, an amazing teleporting/transportation experience through no time and distance but to an alternative and completely different New York. There was a funeral cortège of a much esteemed local man, many cars and flowers and a band to salute him. Others went about their daily grind, freezing in tiny shops the size of cupboards, with little to sell to make their daily living.

From there we headed to Soho and the East Village which was more familiar, bohemian to classy. We stopped for lunch in a Thai restaurant and shopped in independent boutique style shops which Leanne passionately recommended as a native New Yorker. From there we walked to well heeled Greenwich. Leanne was able to take us and show us these real and vibrant places and to point out street art and historical information which helped us gain an insight and affection into and for this wonderful city. It was fun, relaxed and easy, good conversation and at our pace.

We finished up in Union Square, the Christmas lights and markets were sparkling and after some purchases we jumped back on the subway like true New Yorkers. For anyone wanting a bit more involvement with the people and places of New York some time with Leanne is perfect way to do just that. ❤️” Andrea, St. Andrews, United Kingdom

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