Review by Jude, England

chinatown-theory“This was one of the highlights of my trip to New York. As you can see by the work on her website, Leanne is an experienced photographer who is able to take photographs that capture people and places in a way that makes you look again. The workshop had that quality of curiosity, and got me noticing things that I might have just walked past without seeing. She is extremely knowledgeable about New York. This meant that in a relatively short period of time we were able to do and see a lot. Leanne facilitated my learning about photography in a way that was both informal and encouraging. She was also extremely helpful in setting up the day. There were no workshops scheduled for the time I had available so she did a 1:1 street photography tour. It was extremely good value and she was generous with her time. I have a moderate level of experience of photography in general but little in relation to street photography. I think I will be using what I learned on the workshop for a long time to come. I would highly recommend this trip and really can’t think of anything that would have improved it. Next time I’m in New York it will be the first thing on my list to organise.” – Jude, England

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