Welcoming you to New York City!

I’ve had the great fortune to provide tours to people from around the world. From all walks of life. From the very young through to the golden years. Across the spectrum of nationalities and beliefs. Students on class trips and students of life. But we all share our passion for discovering New York City with a camera and learning how to improve what we capture and how we experience it. In our diversity we always find common interests.

I’ve had many customers from across Australia, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and the US. I’ve also had customers from Austria, Belgium, the Cayman Islands, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Tahiti, the United Arab Emirates and Wales! How cool is that? Perhaps one day I’ll be able to visit some of them in their countries, to travel. But for now I’m quite happy to meet them and provide photo tours for them. You can see reviews from some of them here on my site and also some suggested tours as well. My tours are always customized to your interests! Welcome to New York City!a-clear-path-bw-edit-edit

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