A Camera is a Tool

Recently I was looking at photos on Instagram and someone commented on a photo saying that it’s a great shot and wanted to know what kind of camera the photographer was using. I always have a little laugh when people do that and they have done the same thing to me. A camera is a tool period. A camera does not take a photo. A person does. Whichever camera works best for you is the best camera for you. Not the camera that another person takes fabulous photos with. All cameras have limitations and it’s necessary to use a different camera for different functions. Do you ask a carpenter what kind of hammer that she uses? I think it’s important to realize that only you can create a photo that you like. Learning how to use your camera is one part of the equation. Learning how to see and compose is another. I am always learning both! If you want to explore photography and New York City, I have private photo tours and group photography workshops. You can see reviews from previous attendees on my site. Jefferson Street Station, 26 March 2017.Jefferson Street Station

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