The Real Act of Discovery

Weather is not usually something that gets in the way of me taking photos. It has to be a fairly extreme situation for me to not go out and shoot. I probably like overcast, rainy days as much as I like sunny days. The weather conditions are like art materials to be used in the making of a photo. Each time you shoot you are given a different set of materials to work with. It is a kind of improvisation. What will be the paintbox for the day? It starts with an intention and then the rest is left to chance. One of my favorite quotes by Proust is “The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” As a photographer I try to spend much time seeing, looking at things. Often I look at the same thing and photograph it many times on different occasions. Maybe it’s a bit like mental aerobics. It’s easy in a crowded city to miss much unless you stop and take the time to really look at things and that means also seeing them in different light. That works both ways. This photo was taken during a Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown, October 2016.rainy day in Chinatown