Shadows in the Village

Photography is an activity that takes time. To capture a good shot can mean staying in the same place for awhile. I like to call it slow photography. When I saw this wall and the shadows and I decided to give it some time. In New York City on a Sunday afternoon in the Village with nice weather, it doesn’t take long for many people to pass by. But then there’s the chance of getting the one gesture, an expression! Patience is a virtue when being able to get the shot. And patience is not something that is typical to feel when you are in the midst of a really busy city. It takes a little practice. And I need to remind myself of that on a regular basis. There is great street photography to be had in this city and if you want to explore the city with a camera and learn more about street photography, I have a few workshops coming up in April and plenty of reviews if you want to hear what others say about them. Shadows in the Village, 2 April 2017.shadows in the Village

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