Bushwick in Black and White

When it comes to street photography and photography in general, I tend to have a preference to process in black and white. This photo was taken in Bushwick and the street art is in wild and hot colors. There are many occasions when I find color more of a distraction then something that supports the composition of the photo. As soon as I viewed the photo without color it jumped out for me. I imagine that for many people the idea of taking photos of street art automatically assumes that you’ll use color. It was that way for a very long time for me. I like to challenge my notions about how things should be done on a regular basis. To experiment with the different ways that I take photos and process them. If you’re interested in going to Bushwick and photographing street art as well as exploring different creative methods in photography, my next workshop there is on Sunday 30 April.texting in Bushwick

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