The Spirit of Chinatown

Capturing a photograph that embodies the spirit of the place that you’re in is for me always my goal. Street photography has at least 2 elements to it. The spirit of place and the human element. To be able to get both of those in a single frame is a real bonus. In my last post I talked about patience. And in the majority of the photos that really capture both of these elements, patience is the biggest factor. I typically start with composition. With a background that speaks to me for whatever reason. Be it shadows, repetitive patterns or even a building to name a few things. Then hurry up and wait as the saying goes! This photo was taken during the Chinatown Street Photography Workshop on 2 April 2017. I have a number of workshops and private photo tours where we explore many different neighborhoods in New York City while working on different photographic techniques, including street photography.spirit of Chinatown.jpg

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