East Harlem aka El Barrio

East Harlem is a very cool neighborhood. Most of the people you’ll encounter there live there. For the most part it has resisted gentrification. Give it time and it will certainly change. The law of the land it would appear. In the meantime, it’s fabulous for street photography. The people are very friendly. The population is very mixed though many are Puerto Rican and Mexican. I have scheduled a new workshop that is just for East Harlem rather than continue to combine it with Harlem proper. It deserves it. It’s definitely worth taking even if you’ve previously taken my Harlem workshop. A very small part of it overlaps. You can register online. The date is 23 April. Only 6 spaces available! – East Harlem Style, 23 February 2017 photo taken during the street photography workshop.East Harlem Style