Harlem times two

Harlem is a really big area in Manhattan. To accommodate that I now have 2 street photography workshops in Harlem! The next Harlem Street Photography Workshop is on Sunday 16 April and starts in East Harlem and then we make our way over to Harlem proper. This will probably be the last workshop that I do as a combination of the two areas as I have created a new workshop for East Harlem aka El Barrio. It deserves its own workshop! The first El Barrio Street Photography Workshop will be on Sunday 23 April! There are still a few places available for El Barrio and only one space available for Harlem. No matter your level of experience in photography or street photography we have a great time and capture some fabulous photos. Oh, and the weather is looking really good these days. Photo – Sunday Afternoon on Lenox Avenue, 19 February 2017 taken during a Harlem workshop.Sunday Afternoon on Lenox Avenue.jpg

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