Analog vs Digital – part one

I shoot with film and digital cameras. I have never thought that you have to choose one over the other as so many people seem to do these days.

The reality is that they are both valid tools and one does not cancel the other out. There is a definite difference between the results of the two.

Abstract Street Photography
Blue Streak, New York City, January 2020

Perhaps you could say that it’s like the difference between oil and acrylic paints. When a photo is viewed on paper, the difference between film and digital becomes more apparent than when seen on computer.

I make it a practice to make the occasional print of my digital work and to compare what I see on my computer monitor vs what I see on paper.

Can you see the difference between the two? In part two I write about the difference between shooting analog and digital.

One thought on “Analog vs Digital – part one

  1. Great topic. I like the comparison to oil and acrylic.

    I’m excited – I started with analog but it’s been 30+ years since I used an analog camera. I’ve decided to give it a whirl again! I have my late father’s nikomatic which I’ve sent to a repair shop for a good cleaning, and I also ordered a Minolta on eBay. My film arrived from B&H yesterday and I have prepaid envelopes from the darkroom ready for mailing as soon as I have my first roll!


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