On the Telephone

I saw this man with a hat walking in front of me. He ducked into the doorway and I walked past him, turned around and captured this shot. There was something about the way he dressed and moved that I decided he looked like a spy. Just like in the movies. I knew I was going to turn around to get the shot which meant that I had the opportunity to quickly make certain that my camera settings were good. Oh this was taken during a street photography tour.

On the Telephone

People On the Streets

I never get bored of shooting street photography in New York City! I managed to capture a shot of this man all dressed up while providing a photo tour in Midtown, Manhattan. We always have fun shooting the streets. Are you ready to take the next step to beginning or improving your street photography? Look no further. You will find information on my site about private photo tours and group street photography workshops. You can make it a New Year’s resolution!

Man on Mad

Happy New Year From NYC!

Yes, the new year is now upon us. What are you planning to do in the new year? I am always planning to up my photography skills and to share what I know through my experiences with others. I would like to think that I am always working to provide encouragement to the people who take my street photography workshops and private photo tours. Is improving your photography a new year’s resolution for you? Have a look at my website. Perhaps I can be of assistance. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from NYC


Review by Lourdes, New York, NY

People often ask me “what if it rains?” We shoot anyway and rainy days are great for shooting street photography. Here is a recent review of a private photo tour.

““Great Day Out! Had a great time with Leanne on Sunday. We had a challenging day of rain but it was a great way to think different to capture shots. With Leanne’s guidance, I also had the opportunity to capture creative images. Leanne gives great advice and is very enthusiastic about photography.” – Lourdes, New York, New York

NYC Rainy Day