On the Bowery

I took this photo on 14 March 2020. It was my last street photography workshop before the isolate in place orders were put into place. I look forward to the day when we can go back and shoot on the streets and I am happy that so many people are purchasing gift certificates for when that day arrives.

Monochrome Street Photography NYC
On the Bowery, New York City, 14 March 2020


While my business has been postponed as a result of the pandemic, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my photo library. With close to 300,000 images, it’s easy for some of them to get lost in the shuffle. This photo was taken in August 2016 during a private workshop in Soho.

The thing is, if I hadn’t told you when it was taken, it would be easy to assume that it was taken recently, as this is what the streets look like these days. Be safe and stay home.

Monochrome Street Photography
12, New York City, August 2016

what’s left behind?

what’s left behind? is a recent street photo that I took with my new Ilford Harman film camera. I do love film cameras and I continue to shoot with them while also shooting digital. I can’t wait for the day when my workshops will begin again. In the meantime, I am sheltering in place and selling gift certificates for future dates. Stay home. Stay safe.

Monochrome Film Street Photography
What’s left behind? New York City, March 2020


For many years now, I’ve been intentionally trying to capture street photos in New York City with only one person in the frame. It was often an unusual thing to capture. Now of course, many of these photos are mistaken as being taken now during social distancing. This photo was taken in 2009 during a photo tour.

Monochrome Street Photography
56, New York City, May 2009

Afternoon Run

This photo is from a street photography workshop that I held in January 2020. I’ve had plenty of time to go through my thousands of photos and process and post them since my work has come to a screeching halt. During this time of social distancing, I continue to sell gift certificates to be used when we are able to go out and shoot in workshops again. Stay home and stay safe.

Monochrome Street Photography
Afternoon Run, New York City, January 2020


It’s fairly safe to say that the entire world is in a state of anticipation, wishing and waiting for the Coronavirus to be gone. While my private and group workshops have come to a screeching halt I am offering gift certificates to be used at a later date. Many people have been purchasing them and it’s really great as it helps me to get through these challenging times. It also gives us something to look forward to. You can see more information about and purchase gift certificates on my site. Thanks and be well.

Monochrome Street Photography
Anticipation, New York City, November 2019


These are very challenging times. My business has come to a screeching halt as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 85% of my business is tourists who come to New York City. I am currently offering gift certificates for future workshops and tours.

I do hope that you are staying safe and well. We are all waiting. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Chinatown in February.

Monochrome Street Photography New York City
Waiting, New York City, February 2020

Chanel in Chinatown

This photo is from a Chinatown Street Photography Workshop that I held in February 2020. We had a fabulous time! As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic all of my workshops and tours have been postponed until things get back to normal.

Until then I continue to offer gift certificates to be used at a later date. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased one. It is helping me to manage financially through this challenging time.

Monochrome Street Photography
Chanel, New York City, February 2020