Good News!

Slowly the city is reopening and my Street Photography Workshops and tours are starting up again.

At the moment, personal and private street photography workshops and tours will take place in Midtown Manhattan and Hell’s Kitchen on September 12, 16 & 20. Other neighborhoods will gradually be added as availability of seating areas and restrooms can be found.

Face masks that cover the mouth & nose and social distancing are required at all times.

As well, workshops and tours will be limited to 3 people. Thank you for your patience and understanding while I am able to gradually return to full business operations.


These are very challenging times. My business has come to a screeching halt as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 85% of my business is tourists who come to New York City. I am currently offering gift certificates for future workshops and tours.

I do hope that you are staying safe and well. We are all waiting. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Chinatown in February.

Monochrome Street Photography New York City
Waiting, New York City, February 2020

Chanel in Chinatown

This photo is from a Chinatown Street Photography Workshop that I held in February 2020. We had a fabulous time! As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic all of my workshops and tours have been postponed until things get back to normal.

Until then I continue to offer gift certificates to be used at a later date. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased one. It is helping me to manage financially through this challenging time.

Monochrome Street Photography
Chanel, New York City, February 2020

Limited Visibility

This is a photo that I took during a street photography workshop that I held on 29 February 2020. That’s Leap Year! While all my group workshops and private photo tours are postponed due to the Coronavirus, I continue to offer gift certificates for future events. This is an important method for me to continue to have an income during these challenging times. Thank you to everyone who has purchased them. Best wishes, Leanne

Monochrome Street Photography
Limited Visibility, New York City, February 2020

Quaranzine Fest 2020

I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in the online Quaranzine Fest 4-5 April. Without worry about social distancing. Check out all kinds of zines made by the indie community and support them by buying a few. You only need to search by using hashtags⁠ listed on their site.

You can also buy both my print and digital books on my shop. I thank everyone for helping to support me and other indie businesses through these trying times.

Online Zine Fest 4-5 April 2020
Quaranzine Fest 2020

Social Distancing

To all my friends and followers, as you may know, I make my living providing group street photography workshops and private photo tours. It is my sole source of income. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed that.

As I am not able to provide these services at the moment as a result of travel restrictions and social distancing, I’ve started to provide gift certificates for workshops and tours with the date to be determined after the pandemic passes.

So far many of my regulars have begun to purchase them and I thank them. I want to let others know about this. Whether the gift is for yourself or someone else, we can still plan for the future.

You can find more information on my site about private tours and group workshops.

Monochrome Street Photography
exit alone, New York City, January 2020

Review by Vincenzo, Cambridge, UK

I think that I might very well have the coolest job in the world. Being a licensed NYC Tour Guide and a Street Photographer means I get to meet some amazing people. Below is a review from a recent private street photography workshop in Harlem.

“The deepest New York experience I have had. – The tour of Harlem and El Barrio was a journey in the deepest human side of street photography. Thanks to her, I felt so connected to the local people. I love Leanne’s approach to photography, the way she made me connect with every corner of the streets, with every building, every light and every shadow in such an immediate and spontaneous way.

Harlem Street Photography
125th Street Subway Station, New York City, February 2020

Meeting Leanne made me feel I have truly met New York in its deepest essence. She is very knowledgeable of the areas we visited and of the history and culture of this wonderful city. I cannot wait to come back again and have a new tour with her. Highly recommended!” Vincenzo, Cambridge, UK