People are Cool

I was out one day recently on a street photography workshop in Chinatown when we came across this man. He spotted us with our cameras and started posing for the camera. He didn’t speak a word of English. He had all kinds of moves as if he was a star. It is a lot of fun to communicate with people on the street even when language is a barrier. I have a street photography workshop coming up in Chinatown on 6 April. You can obtain more information online and you can also register there.

Thumbs Up

What is Street Photography?

Street photography comes in many varieties. In its broadest definition, street photography is always candid. It isn’t a portrait. It includes some of the area where it was photographed. I call that the spirit of place. This is just one aspect that we work on in my street photography workshops. My next street photography workshop is on 16 March. You can find more information and register online.

JSM Building

Street Photography is Vast

Not all street photography is the same. It comes in many different styles. At times it is about where you are or even the environmental aspects on a given day. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a matter of individual taste. I focus on both the weather and the neighborhood that we’re in as well as your personal style and vision. My next street photography workshop is on Saturday 16 March and there are a few spaces available. You can register online.

Do Not Enter

Human Interaction

Capturing the interaction between people on the streets is yet one more method of shooting street photography. This is a photo of three sisters. The oldest who is in charge of the two that we see, has her hand on her hip in a stance that displays who’s the boss. The middle girl is celebrating her birthday at Coney Island and holding on tight to her younger sister’s hand why they are both looking at their surroundings like they’ve never seen anything like it before. I do private photo tours to Coney Island all year round. You can find more information on my website.

Coney Island Birthday Party