What is Abstract Street?

What is Abstract Street is a good question. The answer is not easily described. Perhaps the best definition is any photo that doesn’t belong to standard street photography. It is a creative process that we explore in the upcoming Abstract Street Photography Workshop on July 14th. You can find more information and register online.

Abstract Street is Fun!

I have an Abstract Street Photography Workshop coming up on July 14th. Abstract Street is fun and no experience is necessary and no fear as well. You can register online. But don’t wait. The spaces are selling fast.

Abstract Street

I am always looking for different methods of expressing myself creatively in photography as well as other mediums. Here are 2 examples of abstract street photography. We explore the use of reflections in abstract street in my upcoming workshop on 14 July.

It’s a Fine Line

Sometimes my street photography and my abstract photography merge. Sometimes it is a fine line between the two genres. If you are interested in exploring some of the methods that you can use to create abstract street photography, I am co-hosting a workshop with Linda Hacker on 16 July. Half of the 10 spaces are already taken. You can find out more info about it and register online.