Review by Pete, Washington DC

chinatown-blurred“She knows the city and knows street photography! I spent an afternoon with Leanne strolling around Soho and Chinatown. Besides being a cool insight into the city, the tour gave me an opportunity to shoot the streets and the people of NY. I’d recommend it for anyone interested in making pictures of the non-touristic sights of NYC.” – Pete, Washington DC

It’s always about having fun

Whether you take a Workshop with me, go on a Photo Tour or take my Composition and the Art of Photography classes online, it’s always about having fun! I encourage experimentation, trying new things. Even making mistakes. Creativity is not about predictability. And it’s always about discovering new ways to express yourself, your vision. My passion and enthusiasm for photography is one of the many things that I share. And I work with you to help you achieve your personal style and vision.

bicycle selfie shadow

a happy accident

Once upon a time I had decided that I wanted to be an architectural photographer. I wanted to take the kind of photographs that you would see in Architectural Digest. Pristine photos of beautiful architecture. But the problem was that there were always people walking into my shot. It was really annoying. One day I gave up and decided I would take the photo anyway.

I never studied photography. But I’ve always taken photos. It’s the longest thing that I’ve done in my life besides writing. So I had no idea what street photography was. Didn’t know it existed until someone pointed out to me that’s what I was doing. I call it a happy accident! My venture into street photography happened the day I lost my patience for trying to capture a so-called pure style of photography!!!

wheels in motion-2

Rebel Rebel – a recent photo tour

I was out on a recent photo tour with a client from Winnipeg when we came across the vinyl store Rebel Rebel. It’s been there in Greenwich Village for so many years that I had forgotten that it existed and I was amazed that it’s still there. Oh, the charm that is the real New York City and on a snowy day! Greenwich Village is very beautiful and a very popular location requested by my clients.

rebel rebel