Stripes on Stripes

It’s fun to work with repetitive patterns in street photography compositions especially when the person that you capture in the frame somehow matches the background. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Midtown Manhattan. We spent awhile hanging out and shooting here. There are so many methods and styles for capturing street photography and this is just one of the styles that we work with during a street photography workshop.

Stripes on Stripes

Learning To See

Sometimes shooting ordinary things can be interesting. Shooting the obvious. There are 2 people and a garbage bin. They almost create a triangle. Also there’s the reflection as well. Some people who take my workshops and private tours say that I teach them how to see things.

Ultimate Cash Back

Fave Techniques for Shooting Street: 2

Another favorite technique is to find a background with interesting patterns or light and to stand there and wait for people to walk into my shot. I call it slow photography and it is a nod to Cartier-Bresson. You can find more information on my site about my workshops and private tours.


T.V. Set

Photo from a recent street photography workshop in Midtown.

T.V. set

Property of US Postal Service

Photo from a recent street photography workshop in Midtown.

Property of U.S. Postal Service

Photo Shoot City

Photo from a recent photo tour in Midtown.

Photo Shoot City

New York State of Mind

Photo taken during a recent photo tour in Midtown Manhattan.

New York State of Mind