Bushwick baby!

Oh yeah! Tomorrow we’re doing the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop! There are a few spaces available. We explore the incredible street art in Bushwick and also work on some creative photographic techniques. People often tell me that they are getting bored with doing the same old things photographically. When you explore creative techniques it also sheds new light on the standard techniques and helps you to see things differently. This workshop is for people will all levels of experience photographically and we often are able to get some street photography as well.  pretty vacant

Next Sunday the Bushwick Workshop!

Bushwick is a fabulous neighborhood if you are interested in amazing street art and also exploring an area of New York City beyond Manhattan. A neighborhood that has a very different look and feel than Manhattan. There are at least 100 walls of incredible street art. These walls are curated just like museums and the street art is from street artists from around the world. On the Bushwick Street Art and Creative Photography Workshop we explore the neighborhood and document and we also use a number of creative photography techniques to produce more painterly photos as well. On occasion we are able to get some street photography as well. But this neighborhood has fewer people. This photo was taken on 26 February 2017 during a previous Bushwick workshop.Bushwick street art

Genius in Bushwick

On a photo tour yesterday with a fabulous couple from Switzerland. We went to Bushwick, Brooklyn to see and photograph the incredible street art there. Giant walls curated like museums! This photo is part of the Bushwick Collective and the artist goes by the name Sipros_Sipros. Street Art is only one possibility of a photo tour off the beaten track in New York City. You can see a number of suggested tours and also reviews by previous customers on my site.genius-in-bushwick

crazy cool Bushwick street art tour

Yes, I do photo tours in Bushwick, Brooklyn!!! Crazy cool street art there! Curated walls just like in a museum and from street artists around the world. The Bushwick Collective is just one of the curators. I will add it to my suggested tours sometime in the near future. Just to let you know that I’m doing them! So much fun shooting the streets of New York City and being able to meet people from around the world and share this city with them. Especially the areas that people often miss when they visit or live here. You can also see reviews from previous customers on my site.bushwick-collective

Bushwick style

One of my popular photo tours is of Bushwick street art. This is a mash up of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jay Z. There are so many fabulous walls of street art there and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! For more information about my tours http://www.shootnewyorkcity.com
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