Photographing New York City

As a licensed New York City Tour Guide, I am frequently making suggestions to tourists AND New Yorkers alike. Whether it’s neighborhoods to explore, history and culture of the neighborhoods AND places to photograph. In general, I tend to assume that people will figure out how to find the major icons of this great city all on their own. That said, I have an Iconic NYC Tour and also a Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Tour. They are tours that you will gain so much more from with a Tour Guide. I also specialize in photo tours that are off the beaten path. Getting into the neighborhoods where New Yorkers live. When people book tours with me I offer them free advice for their entire trip. All of my photo tours are customizable. The photo tours I have listed on my site are a few possible suggestions. I also work with you on your photography no matter what your level is. This photo was taken during a recent Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo photo tour at dusk. 15 April 2017 7:41pm. And yes, it’s a double exposure.Lower Manhattan Skyline at dusk

photo projects

At any given time I can be working on 5 different photo projects simultaneously! What can I say? That’s my style. Many photographers focus on a single theme and they do that really well and they become known for that. I have a few different street photography projects and also a few different photo-based art projects as well. This photo is from a new series Urban Bliss Two, which are in-camera double exposure photos. I like to experiment with the limits of photography and art. Urban Bliss two #5 2 April 2017. I have a workshop in Bushwick where we explore creative methods in photography.Urban Bliss Two 5

Urban Bliss series

This is another photo in my new Urban Bliss series. You can see the original Urban Bliss series on my website and also in issue one of Curious Frame. Double exposures are a lot of fun to make and I’m happy that I have a camera that has that feature. Photos are taken in close proximity to each other and perhaps provide an image that more fully includes the visual images in a particular place. If you want to work on double exposures, it is something that we can do on a photo tour or during the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. Urban Bliss two, #3, 2 April 2017.urban bliss two 3

Creative Photography

I like to stretch the limits of photography when I can. Here’s another photo in my Urban Bliss Two series. It’s a double exposure. It’s a process in camera and both photos are taken in close proximity to each other. If your camera has that function then we can discuss that when you are on a photo tour or in a workshop, especially the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography workshop. Photo-based art is just one of the many possibilities that you can experiment with. You can see my first Urban Bliss series on my website and also in the first issue of the online photography magazine Curious Frameurban bliss two 2

Alphabet City Abstract

You it was really cold out today. Had a really good tour and also took some photos that I’m Happy with. I’d call that a good day even if I did freeze. As you may know I’ve been doing some double exposures again. I have a new series of abstracts that have a painterly quality. Anyway, tomorrow is the Harlem workshop. You can see a list of the upcoming workshops on my site. – Alphabet City, 11 March 2017.alphabet city abstract

In pursuit of magic

If you’re not having a good time when you’re out shooting, what are you doing??? I mean seriously. Going out and taking/making photos is a gas! I’m a big fan of experimenting and making so-called mistakes. The element of chance is always a factor. Did you miss something one day only to see it the next? Were you not in top visual mode? There are always challenges along the way. A battery dies or a memory card fills up right in the middle of your stream? It gets easier to move beyond those things on good days. Some of my best mistakes turned into styles. Experiments as well, There is so much possibility and any given moment I only hope to catch as much as possible. It’s a great exercise in rising above the mundane and seeing even familiar surroundings in a new light. And maybe there are days when you just nail something beyond your expectations. When you’re passionate about it, you don’t give in or give up no matter if the conditions aren’t ideal. Maybe ideal situations don’t produce the best photos. Just a few thoughts on my process and thinking about photography. This is a double exposure photo taken 9 March 2017, Dumbo, Brooklyn. In Pursuit of Magic, I have a creative photography workshop if you’re in interested in doing something different with pursuit of magic

when I’m not giving tours. . .

art fusion III – This is a piece from a current series that I’ve been working on called art fusion. It is a double exposure of two different paintings that were hanging in the Whitney Museum. Perhaps this could be called pop art. I’ll stick with art fusion 🙂
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art fusion III