Afternoon Run

This photo is from a street photography workshop that I held in January 2020. I’ve had plenty of time to go through my thousands of photos and process and post them since my work has come to a screeching halt. During this time of social distancing, I continue to sell gift certificates to be used when we are able to go out and shoot in workshops again. Stay home and stay safe.

Monochrome Street Photography
Afternoon Run, New York City, January 2020

Graffiti and Street

I often include graffiti in my street photography as it is so evident everywhere. Graffiti is rather like hieroglyphics, it is a language unto itself and it reflects the times. This photo was taken during a private street photography workshop in the East Village. On the right edge of the photo is one of many pieces done by Mosaic Man.

Monochrome Street Photography NYC
R.I.P. Lucien, New York City, December 2019