Grand Central Afternoon

The exterior view of Grand Central Terminal is beautiful. Especially in the afternoon. 16 September 2018.

Grand Central Afternoon

New York City Cares!

London and Manchester, New York City cares and we are deeply saddened by recent events. UK flags with US flags in front of Grand Central Terminal 7 June 2017.

NYC cares!

Grand Central Holiday Rush

New York City has been so so busy with tourism and holiday shoppers! I hope that today is an opportunity for everyone to slow down and relax. I am certainly taking it easy for a few days! Happy Holidays!

Grand Central Terminal eagle shadow

On a recent photo tour we happened upon a giant shadow of the eagle sculpture that sits at an entrance to Grand Central Terminal. There’s always something new to see and do on a photo tour. There are many different possibilities for tours. Grand Central Terminal during morning rush hour is fabulous for street photography.eagle-shadow

SNYC Walking Photo Tours

I have been giving walking photo tours of New York City for over 6 years now. My tours are always created for your interests in photography and the neighborhoods in NYC that you would like to see. I have a number of suggested tours or we can start from scratch. Tours are for beginners to advanced and include different kinds of photographic techniques and address your questions as well. And they are always about exploring this city and creativity. You can see some reviews that customers have provided of my tours on my site and I also have reviews on TripAdvisor now as well. For more information or to reserve a tour you can contact me.grand-central-terminal-evening

Photo Tour Review by Abdullah, Oman

I quite enjoyed the photo tour, it was entertaining, educational and photographically creative. I have been to NY a number of times but it’s the first time I see it from an NY photographer’s eye. I didn’t look at your website before we met in NY. Now I have looked at it. I have mix feelings.  I think I would have been torn between my way and your style of photography.

I am just a photographer. I concentrate and constrain myself to the camera’s technical ability and the moment. Where as, I think, you are an artist. I can see from your photos in the website, you look way beyond the camera and the moment. One thing for certain, NY will not look the same to me again!” Abdullah, Oman

Grand Central Terminal evening