Gold Streak

There are so many options for styles and methods for shooting street photography and photography in general. I provide private photography workshops in abstract photography and other alternative methods. You can have the focus of any of my photo tours be about alternative styles. Oh and it’s fun. Here’s a recent example using intentional camera movement. It’s still street photography.

Gold Streak

In Greenpoint 4

Here’s another photo from my series in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and an example of intentional camera movement. Intentional camera movement or motion blur is one of the creative photography techniques in the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop which will be held on 14 May 2017. We explore the incredible street art and typically are able to get some street photography as well as abstract photography. There are still a few places available and you can register here.In Greenpoint 4

Walking across the Pulaski Bridge

There’s always something new to do in New York City! So I walked across the Pulaski Bridge for the first time recently. I can check that off on my list of things to do. The Pulaski connects Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. This photo is intentional camera movement. One of my favorite creative photography techniques. It creates a painterly look. If creative photography is something of interest to you, I have the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop coming up on 14 May and you can register here for it. A few spaces are still available. – Walking across the Pulaski Bridge, 22 April 2017.Walking across the Pulaski Bridge

Street Photography & Motion Blur

Every once in awhile I am able to combine both street photography and motion blur in the same shot. Two of my favorite kinds of photography! It was a rainy afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A very cool neighborhood in the city. I started taking intentional camera movement photos while walking and talking with a friend. Without stopping. And simultaneously moving the camera to create blur. Perhaps I can call this action photography. I do enjoy trying out new things. I was prepared to throw out all the photos that I took that afternoon. But I was pleasantly surprised with a number of them. If you are interested in street photography and/or creative photography, I have 3 workshops coming up in May. – b&w in Greenpoint, 22 April 2017.B&W in Greenpoint 2

Photography as language

In Greenpoint 3This is an excerpt from a book that I’m writing on photography. “Photography is like learning a new language. In the beginning you are constantly aware of grammar, sentence structure, verb conjugations and vocabulary. It’s all very conscious. It takes awhile to learn the different parts of language. To learn how to communicate with photography.” You’ll have to wait for more! – Photo, In Greenpoint 3, 22 April, 2017.

Greenpoint afternoon

Another photo from Sunday afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I adore photography that ‘breaks the rules.’ Yes, I adore blur. It was a perfect day for it! If you haven’t been to Greenpoint before it is definitely worth exploring. If you are interested in photo tour there all you need to do it request it. It isn’t possible for me to list every tour that I can offer. As well, if you are interested in exploring intentional camera movement or other photographic techniques we can do that as well. Photo tours are for New Yorkers as well. And you can be a group of up to 4 people for no additional charge. You can see some of my suggested tours on my site as well as reviews of my tours and workshops as well. Greenpoint afternoon, 22 April, 2017.Greenpoint afternoon

In Greenpoint 2

Another photo from yesterday. Walk-by shooting and intentional camera movement. I have a series of photos which I will try to put on my website in the next few days. I created a new preset for this group of photos. That is typically something do when working on a series and it tends to lend continuity to a series. Happy Sunday! In Greenpoint 2, 22 April 2017.In Greenpoint 2

In Greenpoint

Today I went to Greenpoint. The first time in quite awhile. It was perfect weather for intentional camera movement and blur. Overcast and occasionally raining. I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few years and we walked and talked and many of the photos I took today were while we were walking and talking. I guess I can call it my walk-by shooting series. It is very much like action painting, action photography. I always have my mind on what’s around me and choose what to shoot by colors and light and which direction to move the camera. It’s kind of fun I have to say. And I am happy with some of the photos I’ve seen so far. Yes, they are abstract. I very much like the element of chance in photography, in art, in life. When I’m fortunate there’s a kind of synchronicity. And hey, I can walk and talk and shoot at the same time! Talk about a good workout! I took it easy. Still recovering but getting back to my normal self. Thanks to Charles for accompanying me on it! Nothing like experimenting! – In Greenpoint, 22 April 2017. Greenpoint_

Creative Photography Workshop

Here’s another photo that I took during the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop on 26 February. It was fabulous fun exploring the amazing street art and experimenting with different camera techniques to produce an abstract style. We did also capture a few street photography shots. That said, this is not the best neighborhood for street unless you are very patient! The next Bushwick Workshop is on 26 March and you can register on my site. It is limited to a maximum of 6 people and you can see some examples of what attendees captured in the Facebook group for Shoot New York City.swirls 2