Chinatown Market

I have always liked Chinatown in Manhattan. Gentrification hasn’t quite hit this neighborhood, yet. Much of it looks as it has for more than 25 years now.

I provide private photo tours to Chinatown all year and I have a few street photography workshops there every year. My next street photography workshop will be on Wednesday 25 September and you can register online.

Review of Midtown Street Workshop

““Excellent Street Photography Tour – I did a 4 hr tour in Midtown starting at Grand Central. It was excellent. Leanne is a Photographer but with an artistic touch. You’ll learn a lot of techniques like how to use reflective surfaces in your pictures (water, glass, polished stone). Learning how to frame pictures with whatever is available on the street. It’s quite a skill to casually photograph people in the moment. I had a great time throughout the tour. Leanne is very friendly and I had a great afternoon.” Tom, Washington, DC.