The City Looks Different

The pandemic has changed the look and feel of the city. It has provided an opportunity to take a different kind of street photos. It is about seeing with new eyes.

Monochrome Street Photography
East 42nd St, New York City, 16 September 2020

I am currently scheduling 2 street photography workshops each week. One on a weekday and one on the weekend. I am also providing private workshops on days that I am available. We always have a good time. Masks required and a maximum of 3 people per workshop. Register online.

Good News!

Slowly the city is reopening and my Street Photography Workshops and tours are starting up again.

At the moment, personal and private street photography workshops and tours will take place in Midtown Manhattan and Hell’s Kitchen on September 12, 16 & 20. Other neighborhoods will gradually be added as availability of seating areas and restrooms can be found.

Face masks that cover the mouth & nose and social distancing are required at all times.

As well, workshops and tours will be limited to 3 people. Thank you for your patience and understanding while I am able to gradually return to full business operations.