Photography is – part six

If photography looks easy, it’s because you are witnessing art.
It is only easy in the sense that you also find it easy to do things that you always do. That does not take away from its value.
Of course you rarely see the failures of any great artist.
We are shown what is deemed to be worthy.

Monochrome Street Photography
W 42nd St, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part five

Developing happens at many stages,
The first is in the action of taking a photo.
It is with a different eye that filtering between those that were taken and those that are deemed worthy can occur.
Then comes the actual processing of the photo.
That works when the vision in the mind matches the ability to see and develop. These steps don’t always happen instantly or orderly.

Lower East Side Street Photography
Die! Die! Ratanic, New York City, December 2019

There's street art everywhere

There is street art in just about every neighborhood in New York City. It can make for a nice background for street photography.

We often run across a fair amount of street art on my workshops. But if you really want to capture a lot of it, I offer private workshops in the East Village, Soho, Bushwick and East Harlem to name a few where street art is everywhere.

Street Art in NYC
3 on East Houston, New York City, November 2012