Shoot New York City Newsletter!

Did you know that I have a weekly photography newsletter? I talk about everything photography including street photography tips, thoughts on photography and photographer profiles as well as weekly photography assignments that you can add to the Facebook group for Shoot New York City. You can subscribe to the newsletter online.

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Do you know about the SNYC Newsletter?

I have a weekly newsletter about photography and also about New York City. When you subscribe you can also post photos to our Facebook group for the weekly photo assignment and learn about upcoming street photography workshops as well. You can easily subscribe online.

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SNYC Newsletter

Issue 10 of the SNYC Newsletter is out! It’s all about photography, street photography, photographer profiles etc. You can subscribe at Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.54.20 AM.png

12th Street with Shadows

A photo from yesterday. Did you know that I have a very popular photography newsletter? It’s easy to subscribe. The newsletter comes out once a week and contains information about photography including street photography, photographer profiles, photo assignments and information about neighborhoods in New York City and more.

12th Street with Shadows

Shoot NYC Newsletter

Are you subscribed to the SNYC Newsletter? It comes out weekly with photography tips, photographer profiles, weekly assignments, information about NYC neighborhoods and thoughts on photography. It’s easy to subscribe. Just go to the homepage and enter your email address in the form.

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SNYC Newsletter Issue 4 is coming!

Are you subscribed to the Shoot New York City Newsletter? It comes out weekly and includes information about photography in general, street photography tips, information about New York City neighborhoods, profiles of photographers, and weekly photo assignments and more. If you’ve attended a SNYC workshop or photo tour or you subscribe to the newsletter you can join the Facebook group for SNYC as well and share photos to the group. The next issue will be out Thursday 15 June 2017. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page on the site.

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SNYC newsletter Issue 2 is out

Issue #2 is out! Did you receive your copy? If you subscribed and didn’t receive it let me know. It is a 2 part process. You need to respond to an email. If you aren’t subscribed yet and you’d like to be. Just go to the bottom of any page at to sign up for it. Thanks to everyone for all the fabulous responses!

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