In Nolita

Here’s a photo from a recent Street Photography Workshop. I’ve been working on a number of different processing techniques and creating my own presets. I used to print my film photos and it was sooo time consuming! I find digital processing more satisfying and that I have more options. If nothing else it is easier and faster. Monochrome is a favorite. But with the right tools color can also be fun. – 2 April 2017.In Nolita

Mulberry Street

Every once in awhile it is still possible to get a photo in this city that doesn’t give away the year that the photo was taken. This photo could’ve been taken 30-40 years ago! When I’m out taking photos and giving photo tours I like to be aware of the timelessness that is possible to capture. It still exists! Not everything is entirely modern and new! Photo taken 24 March 2017 on photo tour.Mulberry Street_

Street Photography in Color!

Out on a Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown recently we wandered over to Nolita. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time! We talk about cameras and composition and creative techniques and everything under the sun about street photography and photography in general. And also about New York City! Lately I’ve been doing most of my processing in b&w and it is typically my preference. That said, I’m doing a series of color street photography these days. I’ve been using some new filters and really enjoying them. Like a new box of paints! – Nolita café, 2 April 2017.Nolita cafe

Nolita in the Rain

I started in street photography by accident. I love taking photos of buildings and there is some fabulous architecture in New York City. I’m not just talking about the iconic buildings in the city. Many of the buildings in the neighborhoods have their own style. Like a personality. Good luck getting photos of buildings without people in them! One day I realized that I actually prefer the photos of the city with people in them. In my photography workshops and photo tours we always talk about composition and different photographic techniques and I always base it around the interests of the people involved. And when people are interested, we also talk about processing as well. This photo was taken during a recent photo tour. Nolita in the Rain, 24 March 2017.Nolita in the rain

Nolita stroll

On a recent photo tour, we wandered through the East Village, Nolita, Chinatown and the Lower East Side with an emphasis on street photography. I have a number of suggested tours which can all be customized or we can start from scratch and create a photo tour that is based on the style of photography and/or neighborhood that interests you. Whether you’re new to New York City or you’ve lived here all your life. And whether you’re new to photography or very experienced at it. You can see reviews on my site that run the gamut of experience and knowledge of the city. A photo tour is private and it could be one-on-one or you can be a group of up to 4 people. If you’re interested, I also do photo tours for larger groups. Nolita stroll