Celia Cruz in El Barrio

One of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City is East Harlem which is also called El Barrio or Spanish Harlem. I really like capturing street photography with what I call the spirit of place. In the Barrio that includes many of the fabulous murals. I frequently provide photo tours in East Harlem.


East Harlem Photo Tour Review

East Harlem aka El Barrio is a favorite neighborhood of mine and I do a number of photo tours there. Below is a review of a recent photo tour that I did there.

“Fun Shooting in NY! – I had fun taking pictures in NY with Leanne! Leanne is knowledgeable and accommodating. I was a little worried about all the walking during a three hour tour, but Leanne was very understanding. When I needed a break, Leanne creatively used the time to cover theory and practice shooting through windows. It was great tour with a great guide!” – Jeanette, Los Angeles, California

Inspired by Picasso

Can I Help You?

Human interaction is one of the many things that you can capture in street photography. Sometimes there is something in the interaction that you don’t typically see. But this is New York City! In this photo you can see two men of very different ethnic and religious backgrounds! This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Harlem. I also do private photo tours in Harlem based on street photography.

Can I Help You?

Cool Kids in Chelsea

This is another photo that I took during a street photography workshop in Chelsea. We always have a good time shooting and sometimes we meet people on the streets that ask us to take their photo! If shooting street photography isn’t fun, I probably wouldn’t do it.


Tricking the Eye

When you look at a photo it’s merely a second in time. It’s still. Motionless. But there are a few ways to trick the mind of the viewer. One of them is the classic foot up position that gives the sense of movement. This is one of the many things that we work on in street photography workshops and private photo tours. You can find more information on my website.

Khyber Pass

Review by Erin from a Recent Photo Tour

Fantastic Photo Walking Tour! – I had an amazing time exploring the east village and lower east side with Leanne. I found myself alone in New York for 24 hours and did a private tour with her. She was the perfect guide, both for photography instruction and history of New York (fun facts, nothing stuffy, and always tied in to great spots to photograph). It felt more like catching up with a great friend than taking a tour. The best thing about the experience was that it was entirely customized. I sent some of my pictures in advance and Leanne recommended neighborhoods based on what I like to photograph. I wanted some guidance on what to shoot, suggestions for new styles, and advice on camera settings and photo processing, all of which Leanne had great guidance on. This outing truly made my trip to New York worthwhile! Highly recommend!” – Erin, San Francisco, California

Convertible in the Rain

Street Photography is an Art

There is no science to street photography. It is an art. Art by it’s very nature is subjective. Art can sometimes reveal the unpredictability of urban life and chance can become a big part of the process. Being open-minded is always an asset in the world of art. My private photo tours are designed with your interests in mind – street or artistic or a combination of the two.

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