Fave Techniques for Shooting Street: 2

Another favorite technique is to find a background with interesting patterns or light and to stand there and wait for people to walk into my shot. I call it slow photography and it is a nod to Cartier-Bresson. You can find more information on my site about my workshops and private tours.


On Elizabeth Street

When I find an interesting background, I stop and wait for people to walk into the frame. In New York City there are always people walking into the frame. I’ve been proving private photo tours and street photography workshops for almost 9 years now. You can find more information about them online on my website.

On Elizabeth Street

Fashionable Soho

Soho is always a fabulous neighborhood to shoot street photography. The people are typically very fashionable. I have a street photography workshop coming up in Soho on December 15th. You can get more details or register online.

Ralph Lauren Soho

Oh the People You’ll Meet

While I mostly take candid shots of people on the street, there is the occasion when I stop and talk with people and then take their photo. In New York City there are kinds of interesting people on the street and I love to talk with them. This often happens while I am giving a photo tour or a street photography workshop as well.

Dapper on Prince Street

Greening in Soho

I tend to process most of my street photos in black and white. But there’s always the exception to the rule. Shooting in the afternoon light is fabulous for photos. We always find ways to take advantage of whatever the lighting situation is on photo tours and workshops.

Greening in Soho

Property of US Postal Service

Photo from a recent street photography workshop in Midtown.

Property of U.S. Postal Service

Lunch Break

From a recent photo tour in Midtown West. September 2018.

Lunck Break