Up Close and Personal

There are so many different styles of shooting street photography. There are times when people in my street photography workshops and photo tours feel that obtaining shots that are up close are difficult or intimidating. Until they watch me take them. People are for the most part often unaware of me taking their photo. They are typically distracted! We practice working on a number of different methods and styles of shooting street photography in both workshops and tours. You can see more information online.

Tricking the Eye

When you look at a photo it’s merely a second in time. It’s still. Motionless. But there are a few ways to trick the mind of the viewer. One of them is the classic foot up position that gives the sense of movement. This is one of the many things that we work on in street photography workshops and private photo tours. You can find more information on my website.

Khyber Pass

Street Photography is an Art

There is no science to street photography. It is an art. Art by it’s very nature is subjective. Art can sometimes reveal the unpredictability of urban life and chance can become a big part of the process. Being open-minded is always an asset in the world of art. My private photo tours are designed with your interests in mind – street or artistic or a combination of the two.

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