Can I Help You?

Human interaction is one of the many things that you can capture in street photography. Sometimes there is something in the interaction that you don’t typically see. But this is New York City! In this photo you can see two men of very different ethnic and religious backgrounds! This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Harlem. I also do private photo tours in Harlem based on street photography.

Can I Help You?

Tricking the Eye

When you look at a photo it’s merely a second in time. It’s still. Motionless. But there are a few ways to trick the mind of the viewer. One of them is the classic foot up position that gives the sense of movement. This is one of the many things that we work on in street photography workshops and private photo tours. You can find more information on my website.

Khyber Pass

Street Photography is an Art

There is no science to street photography. It is an art. Art by it’s very nature is subjective. Art can sometimes reveal the unpredictability of urban life and chance can become a big part of the process. Being open-minded is always an asset in the world of art. My private photo tours are designed with your interests in mind – street or artistic or a combination of the two.

Business Transactions

Street Photography isn’t Portraits

Street photography should always be candid. Not posed. Without permission. It should also be taken with a wide angle lens so that you get a sense of place. Not just a portrait. I provide street photography workshops and private photo tours all year round.

Live Well

Fave Techniques for Shooting Street: 1

One of my favorite techniques for shooting street photography is just to stand in the middle of a busy sidewalk and wait for people to walk towards me. If you’d like to learn about different methods to shoot the street I provide regular workshops and private photo tours.


On Elizabeth Street

When I find an interesting background, I stop and wait for people to walk into the frame. In New York City there are always people walking into the frame. I’ve been proving private photo tours and street photography workshops for almost 9 years now. You can find more information about them online on my website.

On Elizabeth Street

Are you looking for unique gifts?

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the photographer in your life or a photography lover, look no further. I currently have 3 limited edition photo zines available on my website. Shown here are images from my book Triste Noir. It is signed and numbered by hand and there is a signed and number photo from the series that is included with it.