It’s a Fine Line

Sometimes my street photography and my abstract photography merge. Sometimes it is a fine line between the two genres. If you are interested in exploring some of the methods that you can use to create abstract street photography, I am co-hosting a workshop with Linda Hacker on 16 July. Half of the 10 spaces are already taken. You can find out more info about it and register online.

A Backwards Painter

If I had liked art classes when I was younger, I may very well have become a painter. But instead I became a photographer. I feel that the environment that I shoot in is my palette. And with street photography it is the element of chance that brings people into my frame. So often my street photos feel like a painting to me. You can see more of my street photography in my galleries.

For Rent

Writing on the Wall

I like to use the background as well as the foreground when shooting street photography. It is especially possible when you are standing in one place and wait for a person to walk into the frame. Certainly patience is helpful. But maybe it doesn’t really take all that long and the results are worth it. Check out my upcoming workshops. You can register online.

Writng on the Wall