Let it rain

Spring is here and with it rainy days! This is another film photo taken in October 2016 with the LC-A+ lomo camera and processed digitally. I do like the element of chance. Of not knowing. It’s a nice balance to shooting digitally and being able to see it all as you shoot. In an age of instant gratification some things are worth waiting for. I used slightly expired Ilford FP4 125ASA film and just recently got around to scanning the negatives. Today I’ll be shooting in Harlem on a photo tour. Tomorrow a workshop in Coney Island! I love shooting this city. It never bores me.monochromatic Chinatown

Rainy Day Union Square

Yes, I love taking photos on rainy days! Capturing raindrops on windows and umbrellas are a big favorite of mine. There are days when I can find a million things to photograph and days when I spend my time processing them. It’s all part of the process. Since I started shooting with mirrorless cameras it’s easy for me to always have a camera with me and if the mood strikes, I shoot. No pressure. The worst thing is to leave the house without a camera only to wish that I had one with me! I recently had minor outpatient surgery. So I’m taking it easy for a few weeks and I rescheduled my April workshops. I have 3 workshops scheduled for May! Coney Island, Bushwick and East Harlem. Rainy Day Union Square, 31 March 2017.Union Square rainy day

Rainy Manhattan

The weather on any given day provides the color palette for a photo. If there isn’t enough color or too much color I might choose to process in b&w. There’s a certain kind of light on a rainy day that is quite nice. Photography is a process for me which always holds a bit of surprise. When I see the photos I will decide how they should be processed. I like both b&w and color though I definitely lean towards having a better appreciation for black and white photography. Regardless, rain and umbrellas are fabulous for photography. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/blog/2017/4/20/rainy-manhattanrainy Manhattan

Nolita in the Rain

I started in street photography by accident. I love taking photos of buildings and there is some fabulous architecture in New York City. I’m not just talking about the iconic buildings in the city. Many of the buildings in the neighborhoods have their own style. Like a personality. Good luck getting photos of buildings without people in them! One day I realized that I actually prefer the photos of the city with people in them. In my photography workshops and photo tours we always talk about composition and different photographic techniques and I always base it around the interests of the people involved. And when people are interested, we also talk about processing as well. This photo was taken during a recent photo tour. Nolita in the Rain, 24 March 2017.Nolita in the rain