There's street art everywhere

There is street art in just about every neighborhood in New York City. It can make for a nice background for street photography.

We often run across a fair amount of street art on my workshops. But if you really want to capture a lot of it, I offer private workshops in the East Village, Soho, Bushwick and East Harlem to name a few where street art is everywhere.

Street Art in NYC
3 on East Houston, New York City, November 2012

Review by Ian, Sydney, Australia

“Seeing a city through the eyes of a local – Every NYC neighbourhood has its own flavours, vibe, richness, sights and colour. Discovering the uniqueness to neighbourhood photographically with Leanne is a wonderful treat full as she shares her passion both for the neighbourhood, its history and for photography. Leanne’s tours are not your “clinical — take these photos here” experiences; very much the opposite — they are organic, real, creative and a chance to spend a few hours with like minded people experiences and learning about an amazing city that keeps drawing me back.” Ian, Sydney, Australia

JR on East Houston