Blue and Red

A person’s face is not necessary in street photography. In fact, sometimes it’s even better. The combination of an umbrella and few colors is a great combination in making a photo minimal. Are you looking to up your skills as a photographer? I provide both group street photography workshops and private photos tours. You can see more information on my website.

Blue and Red

Fashionable Soho

Soho is always a fabulous neighborhood to shoot street photography. The people are typically very fashionable. I have a street photography workshop coming up in Soho on December 15th. You can get more details or register online.

Ralph Lauren Soho

Oh the People You’ll Meet

While I mostly take candid shots of people on the street, there is the occasion when I stop and talk with people and then take their photo. In New York City there are kinds of interesting people on the street and I love to talk with them. This often happens while I am giving a photo tour or a street photography workshop as well.

Dapper on Prince Street

Oh My

I regularly shoot in Harlem and I provide street photography workshops there a few times a year and private photo tours on a regular basis. I work with amateur to experienced photographers and beginners to street as well as those that are experienced in it. Harlem is one of the many fabulous neighborhoods in New York City to shoot. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop.

Oh My

T.V. Set

Photo from a recent street photography workshop in Midtown.

T.V. set

Photo Shoot City

Photo from a recent photo tour in Midtown.

Photo Shoot City

New York State of Mind

Photo taken during a recent photo tour in Midtown Manhattan.

New York State of Mind