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Photography is by its very nature a still shot. It captures a single moment in time. But there are methods to trick the mind of the viewer to see motion. One such example is to show a subject with one foot forward. As well, when the subject is one side of the rule of thirds or the other. Not in the middle.

Would you like to explore some of the many methods of shooting street photography? I have public street photography workshops and private one-on-one photo tours in which you can explore this and many other methods of composition.

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Street Photography is Vast

Not all street photography is the same. It comes in many different styles. At times it is about where you are or even the environmental aspects on a given day. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a matter of individual taste. I focus on both the weather and the neighborhood that we’re in as well as your personal style and vision. My next street photography workshop is on Saturday 16 March and there are a few spaces available. You can register online.

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Eye Contact: 1

It’s always fun to capture eye contact. Especially when it’s unexpected! My street photography workshops are intimate 4 hour sessions and we work on whatever is available to us at the time. You can take multiple workshops with me and even in the same neighborhoods and it will never be the same. And I always assist you with your particular interest at the moment. By the way, there’s a discount for repeat customers as well! Check out my upcoming workshops. You can register online.

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People on the Streets

New Yorkers are so fashionable. I’m not talking about copying what they see in the fashion magazines. No. They have their own unique styles. That is just one of the many things that makes street photography in this city so much fun. If you’re interested in upping your game or you’re just starting out, I have a street photography workshop on 16 March. You can find more information and register online.