Urban Rain

In my street photography workshops we always work with the light and weather conditions that are available. Learning to shoot in different conditions is an important method to advance your skills as a street photographer. And umbrellas are very cool in photos. My next street photography workshop is on Saturday 16 March and you can find more information and register online.

Urban Rain

Review by Lourdes, New York, NY

People often ask me “what if it rains?” We shoot anyway and rainy days are great for shooting street photography. Here is a recent review of a private photo tour.

““Great Day Out! Had a great time with Leanne on Sunday. We had a challenging day of rain but it was a great way to think different to capture shots. With Leanne’s guidance, I also had the opportunity to capture creative images. Leanne gives great advice and is very enthusiastic about photography.” – Lourdes, New York, New York

NYC Rainy Day