Celebrate your love!

Looking to give a gift of love to the photographer in your life? You can choose a workshop like the Little Odessa Street Photography Workshop on Sunday 12 February. Or any of the other workshops. There are also personal one-on-one Photo Tours. Or if you don’t really want to choose you can always make it a gift certificate. Valentine’s Day is coming. What a great holiday! Celebrate your love!love spray.jpg

Valentine’s Day is near!

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the photographer in your life? I offer Photography Workshops and also one on one Photo Tours for all levels of photographers. We explore different neighborhoods in New York City while exploring different aspects of photography. From street photography to urban landscapes to creative photography techniques and composition. I’ve had many previous customers who’ve attended workshops and photo tours as a gift from their loved ones and you can read some reviews from previous customers on my website. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy shooting!love love love.jpg