Modern Architecture on the Highline

On a photo tour yesterday. We walked the Highline and took photos of modern architecture and also did some street photography as well. “I would highly recommend any tour with Leanne. She’s great from a photographic perspective and her local knowledge is a real bonus and adds to the experience.” An excerpt of her review.

Highline window

Lower East Side Story

Here’s a photo from the lower East Side. New Yorkers call it LES. A very cool neighborhood. Many independent businesses and some good street art. Once upon a time most New Yorkers wouldn’t go anywhere near it. It is a common location for my photo tours for street photography and urban landscapes. I quite like the red brick wall, window and the man walking out of the frame. New Yorkers are usually in a hurry to get somewhere. This photo was taken in October 2016 on a photo tour. go

So many things to photograph!

One of the many things that I like to photograph are construction windows. There’s construction going on everywhere in New York City. And when we’re out on a photo tour, it’s one of the many things that I point as possible photo that you might want to capture. I like how there’s already a natural frame there! So many things to photograph when you stop and look around. Composition, photo techniques and things of interest in general are also part of my workshops. There are many reviews on my website by previous attendees as well. If you still have questions you can contact me through my site as well.portraits-in-deconstruction