Robert Frank (1924-2019)

The Swiss born American photographer, Robert Frank died yesterday at his summer home in Nova Scotia. His photography not only had a great influence on street photography and photography in general, but also on the way that we see America.

Robert Frank, New York City, May 27, 2019

Frank is perhaps best known for his book The Americans with 83 photos that present the viewer with some of the most iconic images of Americans. It’s impossible for me to see a black and white photo of an American flag without thinking of Frank. He presented us with a radical vision of who we are.

I was very fortunate to meet Frank this year outside of his apartment on Bleecker Street here in New York City. I thanked him for his contribution to photography and asked him if I could take the photo that is included here. We shook hands.

His work will be remembered and admired for generations to come. If you’re not familiar with his work there is much to discover. I hope that you will find it as illuminating about American culture as do I.

Red Beauty

New York City wasn’t built in a day. Every different neighborhood has its own character. The city has so much beautiful architecture in many different styles as a result. This photo was taken in the East Village and is a cast iron architecture building like the 200 or so in Soho. My photo tours concentrate on architecture if that’s what you’re looking to capture, just inquire.

Red Beauty, New York City, August 2019

Shadow Fest

Shadows are the best! Especially shadows from the fire escapes. If you’ve been out shooting with me on a tour or workshop and there are shadows you know that the only thing that can equal capturing cool shadows is reflections. We always have fun shooting on tours and workshops. You can find more info on upcoming workshops or tours on my site

Shadow Fest, New York City, August 2019

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