Man with Shadows in Spanish Harlem

I break for shadows! There are very few things that will attract my vision more than shadows. They are great for adding dramatic effect to your photos. Depending on the light, we always work with shadows in street photography workshops and photo tours.

Green Wall in the Barrio

Candid Photos in Spanish Harlem

On a recent photo tour we were working on a street photography technique that I call slow photography. That is to say that we stand in one place with an interesting background and wait for someone to enter the frame. That’s not too difficult to achieve in New York City. This photo was taken in East Harlem.

East Harlem Kids

Celia Cruz in El Barrio

One of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City is East Harlem which is also called El Barrio or Spanish Harlem. I really like capturing street photography with what I call the spirit of place. In the Barrio that includes many of the fabulous murals. I frequently provide photo tours in East Harlem.


Stripes on Stripes

It’s fun to work with repetitive patterns in street photography compositions especially when the person that you capture in the frame somehow matches the background. This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Midtown Manhattan. We spent awhile hanging out and shooting here. There are so many methods and styles for capturing street photography and this is just one of the styles that we work with during a street photography workshop.

Stripes on Stripes

East Harlem Photo Tour Review

East Harlem aka El Barrio is a favorite neighborhood of mine and I do a number of photo tours there. Below is a review of a recent photo tour that I did there.

“Fun Shooting in NY! – I had fun taking pictures in NY with Leanne! Leanne is knowledgeable and accommodating. I was a little worried about all the walking during a three hour tour, but Leanne was very understanding. When I needed a break, Leanne creatively used the time to cover theory and practice shooting through windows. It was great tour with a great guide!” – Jeanette, Los Angeles, California

Inspired by Picasso

Can I Help You?

Human interaction is one of the many things that you can capture in street photography. Sometimes there is something in the interaction that you don’t typically see. But this is New York City! In this photo you can see two men of very different ethnic and religious backgrounds! This photo was taken during a street photography workshop in Harlem. I also do private photo tours in Harlem based on street photography.

Can I Help You?

Shadows in Chelsea

In street photography I work with the weather conditions whatever they are. Rain or shine. Of course, it’s fabulous to work with the afternoon light in the autumn. Learning to take advantage of all kinds of weather conditions and light, is something we always focus on in my street photography workshops. You don’t have to be a fair weather photographer.

Too Many Humans

Cool Kids in Chelsea

This is another photo that I took during a street photography workshop in Chelsea. We always have a good time shooting and sometimes we meet people on the streets that ask us to take their photo! If shooting street photography isn’t fun, I probably wouldn’t do it.


Afternoon Sun

Shadows are one of my favorite things to capture. The afternoon sun in the autumn is amazing and shadows lend an added touch to photos. This photo was taken during a recent street photography workshop in Chelsea. We always work with available light and any of the many aspects that create interest in a composition no matter the weather. You can see more information about my workshops online.

Chelsea Subway

Tricking the Eye

When you look at a photo it’s merely a second in time. It’s still. Motionless. But there are a few ways to trick the mind of the viewer. One of them is the classic foot up position that gives the sense of movement. This is one of the many things that we work on in street photography workshops and private photo tours. You can find more information on my website.

Khyber Pass