The Spirit of Place

The spirit of place is one thing that you can capture in street photography. And one of those things is some of the amazing street art in New York City that is specific to the area like the photo in this post. This photo was taken in Harlem. I do photo tours on a regular basis there and a few times a year I also have street photography workshops there.


Introducing Curious Frame!

In a world that is overpopulated with images, Curious Frame is where I share my thoughts on photography. After numerous decades of involvement in the world of photography, I have been spending more time thinking and writing about photography. After all, writing is a different activity and it deserves to have a space of its own. I hope that you enjoy it!

Life Goes On

Private Space

In a city with 8.6 million people, it’s difficult to find a private space. I love how this woman is standing in the doorway with her back to the traffic on the sidewalk while she is on a phone call. This photo was taken during a photo tour in Jackson Heights, Queen. I have a street photography workshop in Jackson Heights on August 3rd.

Rose Red