Review by Gael, Long Island, New York

“Leanne, thanks for the Harlem street photography workshop on Sunday. I am inspired by your sensitivity to people and your surroundings. Your skill of integrating and connecting in way that allows for a natural flow and soulful experience. I love your spontaneity and innate sense for spotting a photo opportunity and I learned as much from your training on ways I would get the best out of my camera (taking into account my limited skills) lighting, composition and ISO, as I did from watching you in action, “you are a master”
I learned I’d been making my street photography way more difficult than it needed to be and by practicing some of the basics my chances of improving quickly are greatly increased.
I’ve booked onto your next workshop and as a person that learns by doing this has been way better than I’d imagined.
I would recommend Leanne if your looking for someone who is knowledge about photography and the city , skilled, practical and fun.” – Gael, Long Island, New York
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