Learning To See

Sometimes shooting ordinary things can be interesting. Shooting the obvious. There are 2 people and a garbage bin. They almost create a triangle. Also there’s the reflection as well. Some people who take my workshops and private tours say that I teach them how to see things.

Ultimate Cash Back

Fave Techniques for Shooting Street: 3

If you take a workshop or a private photo tour with me you’ll quickly discover that I am obsessed with reflection. Whether they are puddles, windows or whatever, I always break for reflections. They are fun! And it’s still street photography.

Midtown Puddle Crossing

Soho Yellow Reflections

If you take a photo tour or workshop with me you will likely experience my obsession with reflections. Whether they are in windows, mirrors or puddles, reflections make for fabulous street photography. You can see more information about my tours and workshops online.

Soho Yellow Reflections

Sixth Avenue Bus

Another reflection photo also taken during a private photo tour on 27 September 2018. We always work with the light and subjects that are not always obvious.

Sixth Avenue Bus

Reflection on Sixth Avenue

Another favorite subject to photograph is reflections. They are everywhere. Photo taken 27 September 2018 during a photo tour.

Reflection on Sixth Avenue

Self Portrait on Lexington Ave

Self Portrait on Lexington Ave

Self Portrait on Lexington

London in Color 12

London in Colour – From my recent trip to London. We had 2 great street photography workshops. Thanks to the attendees and my co-host @joshuaevanartist

Window Reflection

Self-portrait in Greenpoint

Greenpoint is one on a number of very cool neighborhoods in New York City. This self-portrait is part of the SNYC Newsletter photo assignment of the week to take a photo with a natural frame. Of and it’s my favorite kind of selfies, a reflection. Self-Portrait in Greenpoint, Brooklyn 3 June 2017. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/blog/2017/6/3/self-portrait-in-greenpoint

self-portrait in Greenpoint

Photographing New York City

As a licensed New York City Tour Guide, I am frequently making suggestions to tourists AND New Yorkers alike. Whether it’s neighborhoods to explore, history and culture of the neighborhoods AND places to photograph. In general, I tend to assume that people will figure out how to find the major icons of this great city all on their own. That said, I have an Iconic NYC Tour and also a Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Tour. They are tours that you will gain so much more from with a Tour Guide. I also specialize in photo tours that are off the beaten path. Getting into the neighborhoods where New Yorkers live. When people book tours with me I offer them free advice for their entire trip. All of my photo tours are customizable. The photo tours I have listed on my site are a few possible suggestions. I also work with you on your photography no matter what your level is. This photo was taken during a recent Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo photo tour at dusk. 15 April 2017 7:41pm. And yes, it’s a double exposure.Lower Manhattan Skyline at dusk

A happy accident

There are many ways of approaching street photography. It has always been for the most part for me about composition. Once upon a time I had the idea that I wanted to become an architectural photographer. I found myself impatient about people walking into my shot. Then one day I lost my patience and started taking photos of buildings with people walking into the frame. It was a happy accident for me. I wasn’t aware of street photography as a genre then. I also like to call it slow photography. When I find a composition that I like, I’ll wait for people to walk into the frame. This photo was taken during a Chinatown Street Photography Workshop March 2017. 32 East Broadway